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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas Hospitality Interior Design Ideas


Each year, interior designers are full of ideas for decorating restaurants and are inspired by current trends to give the stamp to your interior. This year, the restaurants are going green, as much in the dishes as in the decoration. Establishments are also engaged in the restoration or recovery of furniture and prefer to use natural materials, expect to see a lot of wood!

luxury designThe only trend on the list of all designers for 2018? “The lighting that makes us feel good,” according to Tracey Sawyer and Kajsa Krause of Krause Sawyer, a luxury design studio based in New York.
Technology will be the biggest influence in lighting in 2018, giving ultimate control. With remote controls and applications, restaurants can control singular bulbs in any part of the space, from power on or off, dimming and color changing

Interior design restaurant

Another hot lighting trend? Custom art-inspired fixtures. “Designers are working with artists more than ever today to create one-of-a-kind pieces that can’t be replicated,” says Summers. “We’ll see more in 2018; from warm, handcrafted art to outstanding, modern pieces.”

Restaurant trends

The retro trend is back in force in our interiors: without a specific period, the trend brings together just antique furniture and vintage deco a lot! Vintage is the deco trend of the moment. But be careful, it is not a question of finding in the same interior that of your parents or grandparents: the furniture of yesteryear is personalized, adapted to our time, and it agrees perfectly with the modern facilities.

Interior design

Instagrammability is in the trend

In 2018, restaurants will add their keys to fantasy in the form of Instagram objects. Think of colorful patterned floor tiles, ubiquitous neon and ancient photogenic curiosities.
The trend continues to lead a fresh, light and bright design, focused on plant life and natural materials blended with unexpected, ‘personal’ vintage elements, perfect for creating an Instagram moment.

Restaurant design

The modern is here to stay.

Did you think it was over ?! Modern mid-century furniture, lighting and color palettes have been raging for the past few years, but now in 2018, disappears the renovated rustic industrial look; We create cool, warm environments using our favorite natural textures.

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