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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

The amazing bar deco trends to see in 2019

2018 was a great year for bar deco trends that were innovative and responsible for bars and restaurants, with a retro vibe making all the difference. The furniture design world is trending towards multi-functional, compact furniture in answer to the ever-dwindling space designers have to work with.

2019 design is all about comfort and funcionality allied with the most amazing details. As the year is moving forward, we’re living our best lives getting to know the latest bar deco trends and we’re sharing them now with you!

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bar deco trends retro style

Retro is still a thing

In 2019, the retro trend is set to jump forward in the 20th-century timeline a little bit with inspiration coming from the tail end of the sixties and the seventies period instead of the fifties retro style that has held sway for the past couple of years.

This will transform your bar interior design, resulting in a more rounded, warm approach to retro with softened, enriched seventies colours like burnished orange and deep browns.

bar interior design 2019 trends

Unique, different finishes

As we said above, retro has been a dominant trend for a while now, and that has meant a great deal of chrome and exposed metal in a bar interior design.

2019 bar deco trends will rely on stone, marble and glass to provide contrast to other design elements. Expect 2019 to offer a lot of stone and glass teamed with brass, for a dynamic, bang-on-trend look.

eco-friendly interior design


Eco-friendly design will rule the interior design all over the world. As more and more businesses commit to eco-friendly practices, bars and restaurants have had to find a way to meet this responsibility.

For bars and restaurants, this means a focus on modern furniture that not only comes from renewable sources but that also serves multiple functions. This means spaces that can adapt and change how they look, which opens up all kinds of possibilities when it comes to the look and feel of any bar area design.

bar interior design trends 2019 design

Warmer colour palettes 

Warmer colours are trending in interior design as a whole, and can also be spotted in bars and restaurants settings. This year we’ll be seeing colour palettes take on a distinctly edgier tone in every bar interior design.

Dark greens and mustard hues are warming up spaces across the world, while pewter shades are providing some much needed depth and an alternative to the all-pervasive white walls that have dominated all trends in the last years.

bar deco trends 2019 design

Natural textures

This year, we’re experiencing a return to a more natural, earthy take on interiors.  We’re welcoming a mid-century design with surfaces with a modern feel and with a touch of 1970s trending items.

cozy bar interior design

Cozy Atmosphere

Some bars are looking to achieve a more cozy ambience to its clients. Bars are attempting to make their spaces feel more cozy and inviting by using candles, warm, rustic elements, and comfortable furniture.

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