Spectacular Bar Design of Fei Bar in W Guangzhou Hotel

By Daniel Moreira

Designed by Aoyama Nomura Design (A.N.D.), Fei Bar was the first ever Japanese Restaurant & Bar Design Awards’ winner in 2014, presenting incredible interior design creativity and glamorous sophistication!

Fei Bar in W Guangzhou Hotel Decor

Fei, W Guangzhou’s latest addition to the Zhujiang New Town bar scene, has no pretensions of being anything other than a chic, swanky nightspot for the beautiful set. This is a place to see and be seen. After crossing the velvet ropes and entering the cubic, 360-degree world of pulsating beats, floor-to-ceiling fiber-optic light installations and a mammoth 11m LED screen, you’ll be rubbing elbows with the eclectic, multi-ethnic parade of hotties, metros, A-listers, models and trendsetters.

Electric in atmosphere and ambiance, FEI unites an audacious location—suspended from the side of the hotel—with a lavish, luminous design by architect and celebrity designer Kosaka of A.N.D. This exclusive club fuses style, dynamism and excess, leading to one surprise after another.

Fei Bar decor


Two techniques were used in designing the lounge decor. The first was to cover the enormous, yet cold and lifeless outer glass walls with a film of warm, tender light; something that had yet to be done anywhere else in the world. The film covering the glass is comprised of countless glass fibers, allowing the color and flicker rate of the light to be controlled, meaning guests are enveloped in a constantly changing curtain of sparkling light. Additionally, when viewed from the outside, the film creates a glittering façade that mesmerizes passersby and draws them into the property.

A carefully devised technique in which synthetic fiber threads are placed at regular intervals around manually scratched glass fibers that have been bundled together is used in order to reflect and amplify the light. In doing so, a feeling of uniform depth is achieved for the entire wall surface with a minimum amount of light source. The film also serves as a translucent screen that softens the effect of sunlight streaming in through the walls during the day.

Fei Bar in W Guangzhou

The second technique was to insert horizontal floors and vertical walls into this light-enveloped space. In doing so, individually-segmented “spaces” of differing density and taste were created. This offers guests a variety of settings and allows them to choose a space according to their mood, just as they do with fashion.


Fei Bar

The goal of Aoyama Nomura Design was to create a space that was not only impactful, but had completely new permanent value as well. Guests who visit can disengage from the rigors of day-to-day life at this cube of light which provides a unique, never-before-experienced encounter with time and space.

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