Modern Bar Chair Ideas by Larforma

Larforma is a family owned furniture design brand with an enduring vision, which values craftsmanship and innovation just as much a luxury. Just take a look at these Larforma Bar Chairs that breathe modernity and authenticity! First of all, check out these refined modern bar chairs!

Lincoln Bar Chair

Lincoln bar chair

Pure and elegant. Back with a strong shape. Affection for London inspired this chair, reminiscent of Sports Club. The options of studs colors can give a classic and timeless twist to this counter stool.

Mary Bar Chair

Mary Bar Chair

Tender, warm, classic with a timeless appeal. The seat is welcoming and comfortable providing the perfect bar chair for an eclectic space.

Teatro Bar Chair

Teatro Bar Chair

This smooth curve and low backrest chair can easily fit in any living space. Its simplicity connects with any materials present in a space. The Teatro fit in all, home, domestic and commercial settings – a best seller.

Opera Bar Chair

Opera Bar Chair

Engaging and passionate, it’s silhouette which brings a true sense of love to a living space. Classic to mid-century feet, fully upholstered. Opera is a true love piece.


We are also in love with these lounge bar chairs by Larforma that create sophisticated and comfortable interior design!

Obama Armchair

Obama lounge bar chair

Obama is a tribute to modern mid-century design, with irresistible contemporary proportions. Haute couture upholstery, with beechwood or lacquered legs. A most wanted piece for any lounge room space.

Tommy Armchair

A softened high-back, laid back padded seat, detailed upholstery gives a sense of the 18th Century English Chair. A commitment between comfort and design, a timeless classic.

Alegre Armchair

Alegre Armchair

With wide-open angles, Alegre is a small armchair which stands out in any room. Nordic-inspired, it is a representative of an era.

Nude Armchair

Nude Armchair

A clean cut, return to the basics. Its simple form allows adopting any style by choosing the correct combination of upholstery.


Larforma brand can help you create some inspiring modern bar interior design projects!

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