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7 of the best luxury bars in the world

Party season is never off so you should check the new proposal updates. And who needs a specific purpose to mix drinking, luxury and parties while you can have them all together? These places are known for their delicious drinks, their lux experiences and the famous faces that hang around. Let’s take a look.

Le Bar du Plaza Athénée, Paris

If you want to find some of the best mixologists in the world to make different delicious cocktails, then Le Bar du Plaza Athénée should be at the top of your list. The place is considered one of the most lush spots to drink, and one of the best bars in Paris, with employees always dressed in dinner jackets.
You can enjoy the best drinks in the world as you dance to the DJ’s tunes five nights per week. Cocktails are mixed in front of the guests and come in three sizes, so you can drink however much you want. This bar’s Parisian ambiance will make you want to visit the place over and over again.

Employees Only, New York  

Known all around the world for its rowdy cocktails, the bar chain has expanded to luxurious cities like Panama City, Hong Kong, Singapore and Miami. However, the original is always better — nothing can beat the vibes of Employees Only NYC.
The bar is located in the heart of West Village and it serves phenomenal dishes as well as quirky cocktails. You can dig on the specialities like Bone Marrow Poppers, Cut Steak Tartare, Skate Paprikás and others.
The place has a curved bar, a captivating dining space and an Eastern European touch to the whole place.
As one of the best bars in New York, this spot definitely makes sure that your visit is luxe.


The Gibson, London

When two renowned bartenders, Marian Beke and Rusty Cerven, started a bar venture, wonders happened. The Gibson in London puts a stamp on the duo’s successful alliance and is considered one of the best bars in London.
High-class drinkers love to hit the prohibition-themed bar to taste some of their original, signature drinks, like its famous martini with pickled onion. Bring your camera, too — this place is known for ornate and decadent drink garnishes.
If that is not enough to lure you, then lookout for the frosted glass windows and the beautiful Victorian ambiance along with fine, rich decor.

Connaught Bar, London

Awarded the World’s Best Cocktail Bar in 10th Annual Spirited Awards, Connaught Bar in London is known around the globe for its innovative cocktails.
If you are looking for something that exudes sophistication, then Connaught bar is the place to visit. The rooms feature hand-dyed leathers, metal-studded, black leather tables and silver leaf mirrors.
So, if you are looking for some classy experience at one of the best cocktail bars in the world, then you know which door you need to knock.


Attaboy, New York

Two bartenders of Milk and Honey joined together years ago to create Attaboy, the new place for innovative cocktails. Well-known for innovative mixings, the owners have decided to introduce canned beers as well.
If you are precise and particular about your drinks, visit Attaboy and choose from the plethora of options. As a part of their supreme hospitality, the bartender will asks about your tastes and will make a special cocktail for you. Plus, there are no reservations required for table seating!
The quality of drinks as well as the service provided by the bartenders are both worth praising.

American Bar, London

Known as one of the best bars in Europe, the American Bar at Savoy has won numerous prestigious awards — Best International Bar Team 2016,  Best International Bartender at Tales of The Cocktail for Erik Lorincz,  Best Bar in Europe and more. American Bar is known as the longest running bar among the chain of bars opened in the 19th and 20th centuries.
If you are visiting the bar, then do not forget to taste the Hanky Panky cocktail — the most asked for drink in the bar for all the right reasons. If you’re willing to spend around five thousand pounds, you can sip on the original Sazerac as well.

The Dead Rabbit, New York

Bringing all the hallmarks of Irish bars into the 21st century, The Dead Rabbit has the largest Irish whiskey collection in America. The first recipe collection of the bar, The Dead Rabbit Drinks Manual has won the award for Best Bartending & Cocktail Book at Tales of the Cocktail in 2016.
Situated at Lower East Manhattan, the bar has ambiance worth looking at. From all the wood-decked walls to the beamed ceilings, the bar is comprised of two floors. On the first floor, you can taste some Irish whiskey and on the second, you can sip on some hot and cold punches along with modern, decorated, legendary drinks.

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