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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

2019 hottest Cafe Decoration Ideas for your project

Get ready to be blown away by the cafe decoration ideas that will make of your project something worth being seen. Nothing attracts a client more than a beautiful place with a great bar design concept, so don’t miss all the ideas we have to give you.

camera cafe interior design ideas Don’t miss: The amazing bar deco trends to see in 2019 cafe decoration ideas interior design Yangpyeong camera cafe, South Korea

Born from the love for vintage cameras, a South Korean couple designed and built an extraordinary cafe to replicate a classic twin-lens Rolleiflex. The aim of the couple was to build a cafe their family and local customers would enjoy. The interior design features Park’s vintage camera collection on display, while the tables include coloured pencils, a menu inside a photo album and a film roll-style paper towel dispenser. After sketching a design in 2009, the couple presented the concept to contractors before building began in 2012, with the cafe opening in 2013.

mirrors cafe interior design decoration ideas mirrors cafe decoration ideas Mirrors café, Gifu, Japan

Designed by Bandesign, this striking cafe features wall-length mirrors on its exterior, reflecting the famous Cherry Blossom trees opposite. Bandesign have perfectly balanced the aesthetics with this coffee house, allowing the main focus to speak for itself. The interior design incorporates roof struts of dark wood to resemble tree branches, with wooden chairs and white, green and red walls – all supporting the forest theme.

topolski cafe decoration ideas Bar Topolski, London

Topolski is the former studio of Polish expressionist painter and draughtsman Feliks Topolski RA (1907 – 1989). B3 Designers‘ brief was to turn this 370 sq m arch space into a venue that allowed visitors to celebrate and enjoy the late Feliks Topolski’s artworks. The chilling floor décor isn’t the only unsettling note about the bar/café, which despite the colourful artwork and a winning industrial aesthetic, somehow still manages to feel cold, dark and dreary.

east beach cafe interior design decor west beach interior design ideas East Beach Cafe, West Sussex, UK

The East Beach Cafe was created by mother and daughter team Jane Wood and Sophie Murray. The beautiful interior design features contoured walls and cleverly concealed roller shutters, covering the windows when the cafe is closed. The cafe was designed by Heatherwick Studio and their intention was to evoke a more familiar experience of the texture and richness of a british beach. Along the front of the building are concealed the roller shutters which have had a huge impact on the design- visible only when drawn down at night time.

cake cafe cafe interior design cafe The Cake, Kiev 

Located in Kiev, Ukraine, THE CAKE is specialised in modern French patisserie, The Cafe has an interior design scheme that’s every bit as carefully handcrafted as its food. With handcrafted elements included in the design, the diverse interior design comes together with the help of modern furnishings, like the seating and the giant pink balloon dog in the center.

romeow cat bistro bar design ideas Romeow Cat Bistrot, Rome, Italy

Originating in Japan, cat cafes (or Neko Cafes) have become a covetable concept for coffee houses around the world. Designed by Tommaso Guerra, the intention was to make of this cafe-bistro something like home. Large windows, a piano and soft furnishings adorn the space while a tree in the corner and book-inspired shelving make this quirky interior design a feline-friendly environment.

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great white cafe interior design decor

Great White, Venice, California

With a warm, inviting and internationally influenced decor, being so close to Venice beach, sandy feet are always encouraged. On the interior design side, Australian owners Sam Trude and Sam Cooper kept things clean and bright with 18-foot ceilings and lots of natural wood.

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