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Hospitality Interior Design Ideas Hospitality Interior Design Ideas

How to Create a Stylish & Unforgettable Bar Design

For many years, bars have always been a major place for leisure time. With time goes by, bars develop into diverse types. However, in the era of expressing characteristics, bars become not only a place that serves customers drinks, but also a place that displays fashion and owners’ or designers’ thoughts. Unforgettable Bar Design becomes an important part when considering how to build a bar.


Unforgettable Bar Design

Pendant lighting hanging from the ceiling is a traditional method of lighting bars. The bar looks particularly good with pendant lights centered above the bar, high enough so no one bumps their head.


Unforgettable Bar Design

Not so long ago, industrial wasn’t even a style – it was simply the result of workday life as people creatively integrated ex-industrial pieces into their homes. Much has changed since then, and it’s only recently that we’ve begun to appreciate the undeniable visual appeal, lack of pretension, and character of an industrial style room.


Unforgettable Bar Design

Palms within the bar look very exciting and the colours of design become more alive. Also, green dark green together with pastel colours look very luxurious. Here we can see the diverse design. It is perfect for the little ‘chaos’ look and at the same time, still looks luxurious.



Unforgettable Bar Design

A play with shadows and different, we might even say, unusual forms create very interesting and modern design.


Unforgettable Bar Design

In this example, marble is used as a wall and in a way is simple but luxurious. Nevertheless, all other important details are seen in this way. For example, furniture and the bar itself.


Unforgettable Bar Design

Dark colours create cosiness in the bar and in this way, customers can feel more comfortable. Also, the big windows to the nature, mirrors on the wall and some pants within the bar creates illusion that everything merges: outside and inside.


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